Clyde Moore

Check Out The Newbies!

My first order of business each year during the Winter Park Sidewalk Art Festival is to check out the newbies: The three “emerging” Artists featured in three side-by-side tents along the sidewalk nearest to the train tracks just south of Morse Boulevard. I always enjoy seeing what is offered by the group, talking with them … Read more

Plein Wonderful!

I’ve assisted with the Winter Park Paint Out, organized by the folks at The Polasek Museum, for several years now.  As fond as I have become of that event, I have surely been overdue for a visit northward to check out the similar event held annually at Wekiva Springs. Going on now through Saturday, this … Read more

SO Much To LUV About The Winter Park Sidewalk Art Festival . . . Less Than One Month Away!

So, I turned to my Facebook friends hoping they could help me both identify and then narrow all the LUVliest reasons to LUV the Winter Park Sidewalk Art Festival! After the unveiling of this year’s AHHHHmazing event poster by the incredible Elizabeth St. Hilaire, I was immediately jazzed! Yeah, their posters are always LUVly. But … Read more

Two Winter Park Favorites: John Washburn and his new Imperial Wine Bar on Morse Boulevard!

The most unusual offers in life can end up changing its direction forever. Winter Park native John Washburn is proof of that.  The embodiment of a few Winter Park-specific terms I’ve coined — ‘Parkpreneur’ (anyone in our community who takes action to make it a better place) and ‘Winter Park Taste Maker’ (someone who sets … Read more